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Dive with us into the exciting realms where digital communities thrive, each with its unique languages, legendary heroes, rich cultures, and dedicated platforms. Let us be your guide through the colorful, pulsating worlds of gaming, esports, and other internet communities. We’ll light up the path for your brand or platform with striking visibility and create impactful waves through authentic, tailored campaigns. Because even though it’s not particularly dangerous to go alone, everyone should have the possibility to rely on a skilled Player 2.

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Communication & PR

In today’s media landscape, professionals are flooded with press releases, calls and posts. We understand what stories capture their interest, how to reach the right people, and their specific needs during our tailored on-site support.

Social Media

From extinguishing crisis fires to cultivating meaningful connections with your target audience – we’re fluent in the language of your community!  We’re equipped to guide you precisely on how to navigate and engage effectively.


Do you want to watch the tutorial or skip it entirely to fight the final boss right away? We offer comprehensive campaigns and advice for brands that are brave enough to explore our beautiful worlds, regardless of their level of expertise.

yellow house combines years of professional expertise with an intense passion for gaming, esports, and internet culture as a leading communication and consulting agency. With a profound understanding of target audiences, professional PR competence, and a comprehensive network of media professionals, influencers, and stakeholders, our specialists effectively pave the way for brands and companies into our international industry. For over a decade, we’ve been at the heart of major events, guiding key protagonists, and highlighting products. Digital communities have rich languages, legendary heroes, cultures, and dynamic platforms – and we are at the forefront.

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Not only are these guys better than I am at any video game ever created, they've also managed to carry our communications game. GG!

Anyone who isn't working with yellow house to get help for their business, press, or communications simply doesn't know what they're doing.

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Literally me when I wake up in the morning and yellow house has already managed everything.

Our collaboration with yellow house runs as smooth as my Porsche 928. Vrooooom!

I just love these guys.