How we communicated the biggest merger in the history of esports racing

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Graphic | yellow house Design

Overtake is all about one thing: esports racing. Their DNA is infused with a deep passion for speed and fascination. Our longstanding client was on the verge of joining forces with the biggest forum in its industry – RaceDepartment – and reached out to us for strategic support with creating all necessary communication assets. The challenge was to announce the merger of these two prominent brands without alienating either community. The announcement had to cover all relevant topics, addressing potential concerns from both parties and ultimately highlighting the mutual benefits of the merger for all involved.


Approach & Results

Graphic | yellow house Design

To achieve this, we have drafted a communication plan, including potential crisis communications, statements, and assets to be used across multiple channels, including social media and forums. During the announcement and throughout the following days, we monitored every comment and reaction and decided if and how to act depending on the situation. In the end, our communication drastically helped in creating an understanding atmosphere throughout the vast community which resulted in a smooth merger.

Graphic | yellow house Design

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