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Making the inaugural gamescom LAN a lighthouse event of the industry

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Graphic | yellow house Design

The inaugural gamescom LAN, jointly organized by TaKeTV GmbH and MYI Entertainment, proved to be an outstanding success, evident not only in the impressive numbers but also in the vibrant community atmosphere. Being the first event of many, the debut naturally had to generate attention and interest, not only within the creator community but also in the media landscape and on other channels. This is where we came into play.

Approach & Results

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As the official PR and communications partner, we played a crucial role in the event’s success. From pre-event preparations to on-site support, we ensured seamless coordination. Our efforts garnered attention from prominent media outlets such as ZDF, SPIEGEL, WDR, and PC Games, showcasing the widespread interest and excitement surrounding the event held at the prestigious Koelnmesse GmbH venue.


Graphic | yellow house Design

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