Escape from Tarkov: Arena

Let's excite over 170 journalists and influencers for the newest shooter by Battlestate Games!

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Graphic | yellow house Design

Developed by Battlestate Games, EfT: Arena is a fast-paced 5v5 shooter that extends the hardcore-realism of the acclaimed “Escape from Tarkov” universe. The game made its debut at gamescom – exclusively for press and influencers – in a highly anticipated first-ever play session.

Approach & Results

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Engaging media and influencers

We invited hundreds of journalists and influencers to experience the game firsthand. Managing time slots meticulously, we enabled Battlestate Games to conduct their testing sessions effectively. Our team was on-site, ensuring that all visitors were having a great time and receiving all necessary information to create comprehensive coverage and content.

Accommodating the crowd

Despite challenges, including handling late and spontaneous applications, our efforts paid off. We successfully welcomed over 170 people from 20 countries into the EfT: Arena booth, where they had the opportunity to engage with the new game. Our strategic approach not only facilitated valuable feedback but also generated buzz and excitement among the gaming community.

Results: Performance Report

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