What does the target audience expect from a brand and its products?

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Graphic | yellow house Design

ZOWIE is known for high-quality, high-budget gaming gear optimized for players, who want to elevate their skill through the best-possible mice and monitors. The peripheral market is a tough one, with multiple 


Approach & Results

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To find out what the needs of the target group in the DACH region were, we engaged in several forums, steered conversations, and monitored the results. Our team created insights about the customer’s needs and desires as well as an understanding of the brand’s standing in the DACH community. ZOWIE was then able to adjust its DACH marketing strategy as well as the features of its products.

During the Blast Major 2023 in Paris, ZOWIE also tried gaining worldwide attention to boost its visibility in the esports community. The company sponsored the event and engaged in a partnership series with the famous esports team Heroic. Unfortunately, the campaign produced very few results and the company needed additional support in reaching their target audience before the Major was over. We quickly jumped in and activated our network to place ZOWIE in a charity stream hosted by famous German Counter-Strike content creators.  With our assistance, ZOWIE seized this opportunity and successfully integrated its brand into the event, generating substantial visibility and interest. It was truly a win-win situation, as ZOWIE not only gained a significant presence in the German market but also managed to connect with its target audience on a deeper level while supporting a good cause.


Results: Final Report

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