Virtual Bundesliga

Creating press coverage for virtual football on a professional level worthy to compete with the traditional Bundesliga.

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Graphic | yellow house Design

Hosted by Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL), Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) brings together over 30 professional football clubs from across Germany. The season culminates twice a year with the finals held at a live event in Cologne. Being the third league hosted by the DFL, the product has to prove itself against other esports titles but mainly versus traditional soccer in Germany.

A weekend of esports excellence

The VBL finals usually attract a diverse array of press, from esports and football-specific journalists to mainstream media and photographers, all converging for a weekend in Cologne. Besides inspiring a broad array of journalists to join and cover the event, our role was pivotal in managing the journalists’ experience on-site, ensuring their comfort and access throughout the event.

Approach & Results

Graphic | yellow house Design

Media management and coordination

As the primary point of contact for the press, we coordinated a series of interviews with the most celebrated players, arranged photo shoots, and facilitated TV coverage. Our efforts ensured the event ran smoothly, despite the tight schedule, allowing the media to capture every moment of the high-stakes competition.

Graphic | yellow house Design

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