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Managing communications for the DreamHack festival in Hanover

Graphic | yellow house Design


Graphic | yellow house Design

Freaks 4U Gaming is the leading 360° marketing agency for esports and gaming in Germany. In 2022, they organized the German DreamHack for the first time. To support the communication as well as managing media representatives on-site, we quickly took over responsibility for most of the external communications as well as internal announcements. By sharing important insider insights and benefitting from our broad network, we were able to host over 70 journalists and generate a lot of buzz regarding DreamHack Hanover for two years in a row.

Approach & Results

Graphic | yellow house Design

In PR, you can’t spell esports without crisis communication. We again took over responsibility for all the pain points that needed to be addressed and shared with the community, such as postponing the summer edition of DreamHack 2023. In choosing the right strategies and closely accompanying the announcements, no single “shitstorm” affected Freaks.

We further secured multiple interview opportunities as well as generating brand awareness.


Graphic | yellow house Design

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