A global aspiring multi-roster esports team covering several game titles and communities.

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In 2023, GamerLegion achieved the unexpected by securing second place at the BLAST Paris Major. Competing against the world’s top teams, they not only advanced to the finals but also captured the attention of the esports community worldwide. The organization wanted to make the most out of this momentum and hired us to support them in all things communications.


Approach & Results

Graphic | yellow house Design

Maximizing visibility and engagement

In the wake of this success, our primary objective was to sustain the momentum and maximize visibility. We provided GamerLegion with a comprehensive global communications strategy and content plan to amplify their presence within the community. Our team facilitated interviews with popular media outlets, enhancing the organization’s image and broadening their public appeal. On the Social Media front, we managed their corporate and C-Level LinkedIn accounts and arranged major speaking opportunities. A newly launched TikTok channel – which we supported by strategically placed paid opportunities – rapidly attracted more than 9,000 followers in less than two months, drawing even more fans to the team. 

Expanding the spotlight

Our strategy extended beyond just Counter-Strike. We leveraged the heightened interest to spotlight other titles within GamerLegion’s portfolio, securing interviews and coverage across various gaming disciplines. This not only diversified their audience but also reinforced their presence in the esports scene.

Navigating challenges

As is typical for any sports organization, GamerLegion experienced its share of ups and downs. It was our responsibility to communicate not only their triumphs but also necessary changes within the team. These crisis communication pieces were consistently well-received, reflecting the strong community support we helped to foster.

Comprehensive Consulting

Constant and high-quality content ideas are required to stand out from the rest and eventually win more fans to cheer for the team. Supporting the internal crew and enabling them to even win Content Awards. We also occasionally produce high-quality videos and other content formats ourselves.

Graphic | yellow house Design

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